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Participation in the GAME-ON Travel-Ball Program is subject to competitive try outs and players should already have fundamental skills and an understanding of the game. Teams meet for weekly practice sessions with our experienced coaches where they are taught individual skills and team play. These sessions are the building blocks of our program and are essential to the development of our players. They also prepare the teams to compete successfully against other teams at the local, regional, and potentially national levels.

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The focus points of this program are: 

  • Learn, practice, and perform with an advanced team concepts and in highly competitive settings.

  • Provide athletes a platform to perform and showcase their talents in high level competition. 

  • Provide athletes with opportunities to compete at the highest level within their age group. 

  • Stimulate athletes to train and prepare on their own in order to be capable of performing successfully in highly competitive situations. 

  • Playing time in this program is based on ability and performance and is not guaranteed, therefore, players that are playing on Travel Teams may also participate in the Player Development Program which allows players to grow and prepare for the travel ball program/games. 

About The Travel Team Program: The purpose of the travel ball program is to provide our players with competitive experiences, constantly challenging the athletes to train, practice, prepare, and compete at the highest level available. These competitive experiences are the most important aspect to stimulating development and improvement in advanced athletes. Players in this program will have two 90-minute training/practice sessions per week and are required to participate in local tournaments and leagues as well out of town tournaments. We also require excellent academic performance. 

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